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on Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

Alllloooooohaaaa !!!!!!
It've been so loooong for not posting any update. Forgive me, during my pregnancy ** oooppss, did i tell u that i'm pregnant now??**, i feel so lazy to get up early in the morning, sooo it means no time for bento activity in the morning too, I made bento for KK only if  i'm really in the bento mood ;p

I made this bento last week, simple as it's see right?. Only fried quail eggs, then i made a king and a queen character of it. I also put chicken nuggets,    sauteed green beans n putren  corn, cherry tomato n grape

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Lia Chen mengatakan...

Wow! Congrats Menoq for the pregnancy! Sunny side up quail eggs just perfect in the bento :)

The Bargowo mengatakan...

@Mb Lia : Thank You mbak Lia :)

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