... 2 bunnies ...

on Senin, 07 Juni 2010
Today is 1st day of 'UKK' a.k.a 'Ujian Kenaikan Kelas' a.k.a Final Exam for my daughty. So am only made so-simple bento for her, crispy burger cheese sandwich with oatmeal bread, with carrots n 2 bunnies from boiled quail eggs.

Hopefully she can do the exam today.

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...penguin & mr.sun...

on Jumat, 04 Juni 2010
haaaiiiii, no bento posting for a week, n makes me feel guilty with my own self. hehehehe....

For this one, i made a couple of penguin with smiley mr. sun. This bento contains with steamed rice, cheese sausage, cheese omellete, broccoli, n klapertart for snack time.

Happy friday dear :)

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