... 051110 ...

on Jumat, 05 November 2010

Weleh weleh... I made this bento and everything was late this morning. As per my previous posting, that this week is where i come back to bento-ing, so besides i'm learning to get up early (again), my hands still a bit awkward on bento-ing. Yeah,i have to get used to carry out this routinity in my morning life.

Inside the Ben 10 box (black) for KK : rice, 'kaki naga', quail eggs, shantang orange, green grape, n sauteed sardines with carrots ( different box )

Inside the white box for Mr.B : rice, 'kaki naga', shantang orange, n sauteed sardines with carrots ( different box ).

N for Mr. B's bento is decorated by KK loh!!

So dear all, Have a great weekend ya !!!
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... fried rice bento ...

on Selasa, 02 November 2010

Bento of the day.
Only fried rice & tamagoyaki ( saya coba bikin 'pretty' tamagoyaki seperti yg sering saya liat di beberapa blog bento, tapi ternyata susah ya bo! ),for KK i put biscuit too. The yellow lunch box, made for Mr. B. I put cute character on the top of his fried rice, it was 2 faces made from tamagoyaki (pantes gak sih di sebut tamagoyaki?? ). Why????? KK didn't want any cute character for her bento today, so... i put it on Mr.B's lunch box, n he didn't mind of this, he only smiled :)

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...welcome back bento...

whhhuuuuuuuaaaaaa.... welcome back m3noq !!!!
yes, i welcoming my self on to bento world after a loooooonngg 'vacation' :)

I feel a lil' stiff to start bento-ing, so, this bento has been made as simple as it see

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