... bee ...

on Jumat, 21 Mei 2010

ohohohohohoho, we ( me n KK ) just kinda miss our mr. bowo.... he's during on bussines trip for 10 days, n today is the 7th. sooooo, this bento is our heart feel. we love n miss mr. bowo.

i put 2 bees ( made from boiled egg ), with heart shape ( made from carrot ) in the middle. Completed with fried tofu balls, cheese omelete, carrots flower, n chilli sauce.

Miz u yah...

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...spaghetti chicken bolognese...

on Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

As per KK's request, today's bento is spaghetti chicken bolognese with extra cheese :). I put 2 faces on the top of spaghetti. Luckysundae is inspiring me to made this character.

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.... purple flower ...

on Senin, 17 Mei 2010

It's dira's fave food. Mac n cheese !!!!!!!! I added purple sweet potato, carrots, n chickpea stew on it. N completed with grape, orange, n jelly.

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... luv u ...

on Rabu, 12 Mei 2010

Today, i packed bento (for KK n me) with new lunch box which was bought by mr. Bowo last night ;p. Ben 10 lunch box for KK, lock n lock lunch box for me, n for Mr. bowo??. He used the old one, hehehehe.......

KK's bento contains with tofu balls, bandeng duri lunak, carrots, stir fry spinach with sweet corn, n brownies.

Mr. bowo's bento contains only with beef burger sandwich for his breakfast time.

Makasih ya yah, untuk hadiah lunch box-nya. VUMU.....

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... gudeg ...

i made this bento on last monday, my 10, 2010. pardon me, it's not beautiful shot. i forgot to bring back home my sony digicam, so it was taken by samsung camera phone, n the result is bluuuuurr :(

so this pict is the best result after edited by Adobe PS CS **sebenarnya krn saya yg blom jago pake adobe ps cs sih**

gudeg jogja as menu of the day. KK love this food so..... her grandma is jogjanese, n just came back from jogja on last sunday.

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... ulil ...

on Jumat, 07 Mei 2010

It's Bento of the day.

I don't know what kind of animal is it (red beef sausage). I think it's a kind of caterpillar, hahahaha.... I called it "ulil", just like a character on my childhood's memories. But it's not perfectly ulil, pardon me.... because he does not have eyes, mouth n nose ;p

KK asked me to use this lunch box, even i don't really like it (terlalu besar, bikin bingung mau di 'tata' gimana). But if the princess already ask, who can said ney ????? ;p

It contains steamed rice, red beef sausage, fried risol, edamame, quail egg, pok pok chicken, grape, orange, n blueberry cake

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... froggies ...

on Kamis, 06 Mei 2010
Omg! haaaii! long time no tyypee! hahaha....

A lot has happened in these past 3 weeks, and i'm beginning to think about what'll post for my blog(s) ;p

I'm sad & bored & a bit mad.
why ??????
1. i got sick for 2 weeks,
2. tired with office thingy,
sooooo that 2 things makes me have 'stupid mood swings' for these past 3 weeks.

and now, i'm back to my bento reality :) :) :)

It's KK's bento on last monday, May 3rd, 2010. I made frog character n put in on the top of her steamed rice. Completed by cucumber, cheese omellete, carrots, n rendang.

N Mr Bowo have it also. Sweet corn, cucumber, cheese omelette, telor balado, n sauce. Why i didn't put steamed rice on his box?. Actually, he have lunch benefit from his office, so i think telor balado (his fave one) will be his additional food for his lunch time.

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