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on Selasa, 20 Juli 2010

Today's bento is leftover food. That looks a little black one is soy chicken. The yellow rice is given food from my neighbors to be grateful for her daughter's birthday. In Indonesia, it called 'nasi kuning' and it's a tradition. And i'm so glad to received it, considering there is no rice on my rice cooker ;p

The giraffe made from 2 different kind of cheese. His antenna is 2 food picks. And for his eyes n mouth is made of nori. Is it cute giraffe? ;p

This bento contains : yellow rice, soy chicken, steamed broccoli, jelly, cheese, n banana.

Happy Tuesday my dear !!!!!

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4 komentar:

KidsDreamWork mengatakan...

It is definitely a super cute giraffe! Love it!

The Bargowo mengatakan...

wow, thank you ai ping :)

Lia Chen mengatakan...

Agreed. It's a cute giraffe with fine details. Nasi kuning yum too!

Anonim mengatakan...

Sooo cute!!! I love the giraffe!

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